Trendsetting Tejano Music Group in San Antonio, Texas
Tony Barragan Mixed Company SA


Early History


I was born in 1948 in San Antonio Texas the second oldest , my parents Johnnie and Maria Barragan, at an early age music became part of our everyday lives, as my father played guitar with Los Tres Amigos and my mother sang at home and family gatherings. Growing up in this musical environment enabled me to become deeply shaped by music. I have been singing since I was Five years old. At the age of 14 I joined and unnamed band. The band consisted of me on vocals and bass guitar, Mike Sanchez on guitar, Joe Bocanegra and Raul Cantu on tenor Sax. Chon on drums. The group evolved into the Royal Kings. As the group evolved alongside Sonny Ace, Sunglows and Little Henry and the Leveers, we grew in popularity and developed our skills. For a short period I was lead vocalist for the group known as the Casuals .




Upon graduating from High School, I enlisted into the United States Air Force. After serving four years I was honorably discharged from the US Air Force. I was approached by a former Royal Kings member to join a group known as the Lovells. I performed with the Lovells for a short while due to my career in the Nursing field and as an Officer in the US Army Reservist. During my career in US Army Reserved I was activated to serve in Desert Strom and Desert Shield Campaign. I was only able to do short stints in the music Industry during this time until my retirement from both Civil Service (Registered Nurse) and Military Service retiring as an Officer (Major).


4 years ago I thought about going back to work and at that time my brother asked me if I would join him in a two men act know as Mixed Company. Durning that time “AL FIN” was recorded, my songs Botones, Te Voy Querer, Ahora Voy A Tomar, Hoja Seca, being my songs of my first CD, then came “SONIDO DE AYER Y HOY” being my second CD with my songs No Se Por Que Te Fuiste, Mi Pensamiento Eres Tu, Que Dolor, Quisiera Tenerte, Quisiera Ser, with Mi Pensamiento Eres Tuhitting number one, and No Se Por Que Te Fuiste on top ten charts. I am currently in the process of recording my very own 3 CD with Disco Severo.


  • 2013 Best New Band.
  • 2014 Nominated for Best New Artist Male and Best New Band
  • 2015 Nominated for Best New Artist Male and Best New Band


Amor Inocente published on Nov. 20th 2014 With CD Release on Dec 12th 2014 Amor Inocente had several hit songs for 2015 with Un Tequila hit number 1 on Mas Chingon Radio. Invisible hitting the top 5 charts. Followed by Mi Tesoro, Pienso en Ti hit # 1 and Que Pronto Dices Que Te Vas, Que Gano Con Decir, Pienso en Ti also hit the Top 9 also getting nominated for Best New Artist Male and Best New Band for 2015 first round Industrial Votes and second round Fan’s Vote has been a real honor to be recognized in the Tejano Industry. Thankful to the song writers that made Amor Inocente a Tremendous hit Beto Ramon, Genaro Calzada and Ruben Pena and myself writing Mi Tesoro.


I had the Honor to record my first Christmas song on Nov. 13, 2015 and release “ It’s Christmas “ November 28, 2015 a song written by the late Armando Roger Saldana. I co wrote the second verse and it all came together with the talented Juanito Castillo of JAM TECH Sound. Kid Zapper added the Electric Guitar along with mixing it at Nuevo Barrio Records. You can fine all my music on Itunes, Cd baby, Amazon, Spotify, Google.


Endonde Esta El Amor a single was released in Feb. 2016 producer Armando Saldana @ Nuevo Barrio Records written by Kid Zapper and collaborated by Irene Caballero n myself. The song was a special dedication to my number 1 fan Lizzie Olivares Haro.


In March of 2016 I was nominated for 3 Rudy R. Trevino CyberAwards:


  • Cyber artist of the year
  • Humanitarian Cyber award of the year
  • Tejano Cyber Legend of the year